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A Level floor is the first step in ensuring a proper long lasting tile job. Floor Leveling is the Process of making sure your floors are level prior to the installation on Tile Marble Granite Hard Wood and Carpeting. This is an important step of the Tile Installation Service. Any Profesional tile installer should first take proper measurements of level prior to commencing any Tile Job and inform you in advance should the floors need to be addressed. Precision Tile Installers Specializes in DryPak Floor Leveling For a propefessional long lasting Tile installation job.

DryPack Installation:


DRYPACK, a lot of people, contractors designers still don't know how, when and where to use drypack.
It has been used for hundred of years and it's a dying trade.The young generation tile installers and contractors are not seeing this application because they are not working with the big companies. Companies that work on big  building, swimming pools etc, All over the world this is being used, Everybody in USA and Canada see the cheap mesh and scratch coat method and think that's is a goodway. No way! Builders don't care how long your tiles last, as you see when you buy a new house and live there a bit, tiles start to crack, why because they use cheap floormix just to save money, yes it' all about making money not giving you the write professional method of  installation.

If you see  custom hi end homes they are using Drypack, why? because the builders make more money on these homes. They know but they will not tell you unless you ask.

Precision Tile Installers uses drypack on our jobs, When we explain and show our customers our video or pictures every one picks drypack.
The benefits of this system is for starters every floor in your home or condo or store are never level. Tile setters and installers are having a hard time now a days with the tile getting bigger and bigger, so any small wave on floors crates lips on your tile. Tiles need to be laid on a straight floor.

If you get a tile setter who patches your floors or puts some self leveling down, show him the door and don't come back.
Dry pack starts with mesh going down on your wood sub floor. Mixing at a ratio 1 to 4 or 1 to 7or8. We can go from 1/4 upto 3 inches thick, level or straight. This is dry not a liquid or mix lick floormix, there is very little water mix into the Portland and concrete sand witch is courser then brick sand or beachsand. it looks exactly after a rainy day and you touch the damp sand that's how it feels. As you will see in our video we spread the concrete with straight aliuminum edges allowing us with a level to go level and straight.

The advantages to this is you can get your hardwood and tile all at the same level. You hear contractors doubling the plywood and  spending all that money of yours on extra labor. Dry pack is believe it or not is always cheaper and the best application and most professional way.

you need to find and ask around for guys who know the old way is the best way. Ditra, scratch coat etc are in many occasions not the best way to go.
Talk to us about Drypak, we have a great video on our video page on drypack, we klnow and can explain to you and teach you the different methods of proper floor preparation in order for you to decide what is best for your project.

DryPack is a pre-mixed mortar consisting of high strength portland cement and specially graded aggregates packaged in dry powder form to be mixed with water or Flextile 43 Mortar Additive (exterior or wet area applications)

For use in preparing conventional thick mortar beds, dry pack sloped shower beds, or for leveling of concrete surfaces up to 51 mm (2") thick.

  • For both Interior and Exterior use
  • Eliminates job-site mixing of sand / cement
  • Easy to tamp, compact, and slope
  • Ensures a consistent mix on large jobs
  • Easy to use on multi-level projects

Ditra Installation:

Installing tile flooring in your home or business can increase the value of your property as well as create a space you will love to be in.  There are many factors to consider when installing tile including the type of tile you will install, the sub-floor you are installing tiles on, as well as the proper layout and cuts needed to create a beautiful finished product.

Installing tile on top of the wrong sub-floor may cause damage to the floor due to moisture permeating the sub-floor or uneven weight distribution, both of which will affect the integrity of the tile and cause it to break easily.  Ditra is a durable tile substrate that will help protect the integrity of the tile floor, especially in areas that are likely to shift.

Ditra has an open rib structure that allows for in-plane movement and neutralizes the movement between the substrate and tile, thus eliminating the most common cause of tile cracking.  Ditra is also great for its waterproofing ability due to its polyethylene composition.  The underside of the matting has channels of free space that allows moisture and vapors to escape from the substrate that could otherwise damage the tile.  Finally, Ditra is a preferred substrate due to its ability to support and distribute heavy loads due to its column-like mortar structures formed in the cutback cavities of the matting.

If you are considering installing Ditra as a substrate to your tile floor, you might consider hiring a professional tile installation company such as Precision Marble and Tile for the job.  We are experts at installing all types of flooring including Ditra, ceramic tile floors, heated tile floors, porcelain tile floors, travertine tile floors, wood floors, slate tile floors, stone tile floors, marble tile floors and more.

Precision Tile Installers has been trusted in Toronto and the GTA for more than 20 years.  Please visit us online to view images and videos of our previous projects and view testimonials from real clients.  We have an excellent reputation for true craftsmanship and ensuring complete customer satisfaction.  We look forward to help you create a space you will love!



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